Hitting level 4 - yeah!

First objectives completed : I reached level 4 and decided to keep on using WK :grinning:
I just bought a yearly subscription - I hesitated a lot with the lifetime, but finally decided that 89 would be less visible than 300 in my bank account !

Hope I will be able to keep my average of 20 days per level.
The second half of 2020 is starting just now, so in theory with 26 weeks ahead, I should be able to complete 9 levels more. Which would bring me to level 12/13 by end-year :crossed_fingers:

PS : I actually completed level 3 in 17 days, hence slightly better than my previous average of 20. But I’m curious to see how my average will be affected by the growing difficulty (I suppose) of the kanjis & vocabulary.

Wish me luck :grinning:

And now to my new lessons !


Good luck!


Good luck! If you stick with it until the end of the year, they usually put lifetime memberships on sale around christmastime. They’ll refund you the part of the year you didn’t use as well.


Good luck on your journey!
Like @tankwidow said, lifetime memberships are on sale around christmas time. It’s at 200$ normally.


oh, good to know, tx !

Great, finally an easy Christmas gift for me, usually I always struggle !


My level time increased a bit after 4. Partly because I had to go back to work full-time, and I started a summer semester class (whereas before I was completely free due to COVID shut downs).

However, I do think the difficulty and the amount of lessons increases as your level goes up, so don’t feel too bad if your average level time increases a bit.


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