Hitting a wall? No problem

Just want to share some thoughts as I am tackling WK for the fourth time since 2012 (I did a reset every time).

Over the past couple weeks, I have been struggling to maintain the pace. I’m currently at level 15 and I have been averaging 7.7 days per level so far. Unfortunately, my life has been a bit busier lately and my motivation has gone down. I know from experience that this is all temporary and the worst thing you can do on WK is to just stop doing reviews as they will quickly pile up to over a thousand.

If you encounter a similar situation, I recommend just stopping lessons altogether. Keep doing your reviews and the workload will come down really quickly. Once you feel ready again, start doing lessons progressively until you get back to a comfortable pace. My longest level was just under 9 days but level 15 will be at least 15 days and this is fine as it enables me to maintain what I have gained so far.

Don’t forget, this is not a race. You will likely lose if you stop your reviews but nothing is lost if you stop your lessons. It’s a long journey and the path is not a straight line.


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