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Please be kind and help me to understand how the kanji for One is ひ?I know that the vocabulary for Alone is 一人 -hitori, but I still don’t understand this situatione, here

The reading for ー is ひと, it’s just that the furigana are evenly spaced out across the two kanji which makes it look a bit weird.

I guess this is a pun on 一人ぼっち which means loneliness, it just so happens that 里 can also be read り but I don’t really understand what the pun aims at. Sorry!


Yeah, in this case 一 is read ひと, but for future reference: when part of a name (as I guess is the case here) 一 can also be read ひ according to jisho.org #kanji 一 - Jisho.org


All the characters in this series have names that are puns on their personalities. The kanji used are (presumably) to make them look more like real names.


Oh, it’s the name of the character :woman_facepalming: I thought it was the name of the anime or something.
But do you know why they chose 里 of all kanji that can be read り? What is the pun in that choice?

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Well it’s also the name of the series. The series is called ひとりぼっちの〇〇生活.

I don’t think there is one? If there is it went over my head. :man_shrugging:

Here are the names for the other main characters (from the first two volumes of the manga at least). See if you can guess the puns on the names. :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe you’ll also be able to see puns in the kanji used, but I don’t think there are any.

砂尾すなお なこ (素直な子)

本庄ほんしょう アル (本性ある)

ソトカ・ラキター (外から来た) lovely name for the foreigner, don’t you think?

倉井くらい 佳子かこ (暗い過去)


Ah, now I get you, the puns are only in the readings, not in the actual kanji they picked. I thought it might work the other way around (that the pun was contained in the kanji they actually chose for e.g. ひとり).
Anyways, thanks for explaining everything!

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I think it was chosen simply because it would make the surname seem more believable. 里 can also be read さと, in which case it means ‘village’. Given that a lot of Japanese names seem to refer to natural features or locations, 一里 seems like it could be a real name. You’ll notice that the other names mentioned by @seanblue seem like they could be real if not for their readings.


That’s a good point. Thanks!


Wow guys, you gotta love this community. Thank you all.
I want to binge the whole season to get the general idea of the story, in order to try reading the manga afterwards :japanese_ogre::shinto_shrine:

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I just finished the second volume of the manga a couple days ago. Definitely recommend it!

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