Hit a brick wall. Need help! :(

I see on your page that you’ve already pushed quite a few items to burned, meaning that the enlightened items have also been coming back recently.
What I’m also seeing is that you have quite a high apprentice count, which is usually quite a good indication of how busy you’ll be getting in the future.
I advice you to not do any lessons and keep doing those reviews, until apprentice has reached 100 items or so.
After reaching that, make sure to keep that Apprentice count to a maximum of 100 at all times. Don’t do any lessons if you will go over that.
If you feel like you can handle more at that point, feel free to increase that limit of 100. If you still feel it is overwhelming, I recommend decreasing that number even more.

A great script to use for managing these lessons is Lesson Lock by @Kumirei. The script sets the amount of lessons you can do to a certain number, based on the distribution of review items you have at this moment. If it is too much, the lesson count is set to 0.