Hiragana doesn't match pronunciation of kanji?

So sorry if this is the wrong section to ask questions!! Still getting used to WaniKani Community.

I’ve noticed that when learning kanji, the hiragana will say one thing but the audio will use different consonants. For example, 十月 sounds like “じゅうなつ” rather than “じゅうがつ”. Is this something we’d learn through Textfugu grammar, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!!!

He is in fact saying じゅうがつ. Just not as hard of a G as what you are probably used to.


Sometimes ga is pronounced as nasal ga (like in siNG). It usage depends on the speaker.

Edit: This article is helpful, and also has a video showing in which regions of Japan the nga is usually used


Aha! Excellent, thank you so much :grin:

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Here’s another one. Check this out and the Wikipedia page that the answer links to.


Awesome, thank you!!! That link is super helpful :star_struck:

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