Hiragana and Katakana only Vocab from the Core 6K deck in Memrise!

Hi all, I noticed that there was a popular anki deck going around a few years ago that contained 929 words of kana-only vocab from the core 6K deck, but the download for this deck no longer worked.

So I emailed @BreadstickNinja and got the deck from him, and due to to my allergy to anki I uploaded it to memrise! Much credit to him, since its a really good deck that I’m sure will be helpful for me. I am sharing it here in case any of you guys find it helpful as well!


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Is there a list of community-recommended memrise courses?

The resource list has a few

There are some in the sticky thread in the resource section but I’m not sure if I agree with all of them, I think one suggested an inferior cobbled together kana only deck which my course made irrelevant. (EDIT: just checked and that ones not there anymore so all the memrise courses there should be good!)

I’d suggest https://www.memrise.com/course/948427/hello-167/ for sure, its made by the same guy that made my course and its essentially an expansion pack with extra vocab for levels 1-50. There’s also WK reverse for english->JP recall. I’m also doing a weird little practice run through of the genki grammar workbooks (and then maybe tobira) to practice and solidify my basic grammar, since I used imabi.net for grammar instead of actually buying Genki!

Are you talking about the genki memrise course? You can always download genki but it would be a pain to print…

I’m working my way through this now. Its all stuff that I know fairly well, but when I get to the Genki II stuff its more things that I know somewhat well but need more practice on. I’ve never tried grammar practice with an SRS system before, so I’m interested to see if it will work better than traditional grammar practice (anyone else try this with good results?).

After the Genki II grammar practice course, I’ll either move on to the Tobira ones if they’re any good, or I’ll just make my own intermediate practice course from Imabi.net’s content. I already know a bunch of stuff thats really important but taught after genki like te-iku and whatnot, but its just finding ways to practice thats important for me right now.

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