Hilarious Kanji

Does anyone have that one (or several) kanji that every time you see it, you can’t help but laugh or smile? Maybe the mnemonic you learned is really ridiculous and you giggle each time.
I really like finding kanji like this cause it tends to stick in my mind a lot more.

For example, my two current favourites are…

名 and 町

When I was trying to learn 名 I couldn’t get EVENING MOUTH out of my head because the phrase was repeated so damn much during the mnemonic for both the meaning and the reading. So for a while every time it showed up in reviews, my brain would scream EVENING MOUTH at me and nothing else. While I’m like “But what does it MEAN???”

It got so bad that I told my fiancé about it and now every time he sees it, he yells “ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY EVENING MOUTH!!” and I start dying of laughter.
I was watching the anime Your Name on Netflix recently and when the title card showed up, naturally there was 名 and we both said “ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY EVENING MOUTH!!”
But…I never forget the meaning anymore so that’s something!

町 kills me purely because of the mnemonic.

When I start learning new kanji, I like to look at the reading then try to see if I can come up with my own mnemonic first, then read Wanikani’s mnemonic and I go with the one that sticks in my head better.

So for 町, I was like “Okay…In order for me to get to the football まち, I have to go through the TOWN centre.”

Then I read Wanikani’s mnemonic and choked on my saliva, nearly killing myself.

“You walk into this town. You hate it (because it’s vocab, and who doesn’t hate vocab?). So what do you do? You pull out a match (まち) and burn this town to the ground. Whoa, you some kind of psycho?”

Me: Yeah, drive through the town to get to the football match…



I have some that get a reaction from me, not because of WK mnemonics though. But because of pareidolia (is not a condition, just a tendency). When you see smiley or angry faces, in cars for example. Useful for remembering but it distracts me oh so damn much :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
List : 虫少父公図谷 etc etc
and of course! シ and ツ .


The only one I always see as a face is 益


Absolutely! I had problems remembering 騒 until l came up with a mnemonic that works for me - the horse (馬) is again (又) troubled by insects (虫).

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Really? I wish I were like that, not having an image of a poisoned father guy pop in my head when I see 父 like cmon it’s just like :nauseated_face: :confounded:

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囧 is the only hilarious Kanji.


A yawning face!

凹凸 are objectively hilarious though.

Edit: fun fact, I thought they meant sex when they’re in a compound the first time I saw them because I saw it used that way in a song and it just made sense with the shapes. I know better now but it’s slightly (very) disappointing.


YOOO I HAD A GIGGLING FIT READING THIS ajklfajdflkajdksflajdf it’s all of us level four-samas up in this town (owned by evening mouth :sob:)


this reminds me of the mnemonic for 石 :sob: i was like, “they really went there, huh” :monkey: :caught_durtling:

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for me it’s 牛, which is cow, because the radicals that make are gun and cross. Though tbh I’m never going to forget it just because the radicals seem so random. Oh and another one is 口(mouth) because of the kun’yomi… if you know, you know… lmao

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Well, the original kanji is just a drawing of a cow in stick form. WaniKani just calls it “gun” plus “cross” to make a mnemonic out of it for easy memorization by English speakers, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the origin. So I guess it just means you can think of it as the randomness or hilarity comes from WK, rather than the kanji.

It gets even better. You’ll never forget a kanji with a ちょう reading ever again.


lol the kun’yomi for 口 is great. It lets me come up with some of my own… “unique” mnemonics for the vocab lol

yeah I know that but it’s still funny af to me

Wait…why is the synonym for 米 …America?? I tend to think of corn, not rice! :joy:

Because it’s used phonetically to write 亜米利加 (あめりか) and every country gets one of the kanji used to write it as kind of “the kanji that stands for this country”. WK doesn’t teach all of them, but for instance, France is 仏 (Buddha), Australia is 豪 (Luxurious), Germany is 独 (Alone), Russia is 露 (Dew) etc.

They are all chosen for phonetic reasons, though sometimes you end up with better kanji than others…


Oh interesting! What’s Britain out of curiosity? :grin:

英 (Hero)

It’s why English is called 英語

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Cool! :grin:

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