Highest Burns

My apologies if this has been done somewhere else.

I was just doing a review session with two burns when I realized… hey! This burn is from Level 13! I’m burning those already?After a little digging it seems my highest burned level with ~3 burns is Level 14, which makes sense because I reset to 15 last month.

Now I’m curious what all of your highest burns are. It would seem to tell a little story about your relationship with speed demonry, or burnout, hehe.

I’m leveling up to 19 tomorrow morning. I haven’t gotten any burn reviews yet.

It’s such a bizarre feeling to think your review babies are gone. I imagine the first burns must be coming up soon, no?

I think so. I believe it takes 4 months, right? My start date was August 17th so I would’ve thought I’d get them this week or next. But I don’t see any coming up on my timeline. Maybe I’m confused and it’s actually 6 months or something? I dunno, I can never remember the times even though they’re posted all over the forums lol

Fastest progress possible
Review SRS Level Total Wait Next Level
Lesson Apprentice 1 - 4h
1 Apprentice 2 4h 8h
2 Apprentice 3 12h ~1d
3 Apprentice 4 1d 11h ~2d
4 Guru 1 3d 10h ~1w
5 Guru 2 1w 3d 9h ~2w
6 Master 3w 3d 8h ~1M
7 Enlightened 7w 5d 7h ~4M
8 Burned 24w 6d 6h -

Kumi always shows up out of nowhere when I mention the SRS times. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kumi is the macro god of all WaniKani.


I was already parked here, in the thread, and the SRS table is only four keystrokes away


bows to Kumi’s macro skillz

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