Hiding progress bar with CSS

Does anyone know how I can hide the progress bar at the top during review (with CSS)? I figured out how to hide the stats, but I can’t figure out how to hide the progress bar. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

#stats { display: none !important; }
#progress-bar { display: none !important; }
#bar { display: none !important; }

Top line works, the other two don’t. :frowning:

How about:
#progress-bar { height: 0 !important; }

It just doesn’t want to be affected by anything I throw at it… so odd.

You could write a user script

Your code should have the desired effect, so it must be something else. I’d need to replicate the conditions of how you try to make that work. What browser are you using and how exactly do you inject that code into the page?

Safari Version 8.0 (10600.1.8)
Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 (14A329f)
Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Turn on"Show Develop in menu bar"
Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Style sheet
Select style sheet with the contents I described above.

Not sure what to tell you, it works for me. Here are the screenshots.

The bar is gone.

The code in my editor

Did you put the code on one line as in your first post?

Otherwise it might be because Safari 8 is still in beta.

You need to make sure you have the correct domain setting in the editordomain

It was this that broke it for me.