Hi everyone! (Wow onyomi & kunyomi to be learned?)

Will I be tested for both Onyomi & Kunyomi?

Just got up to my first set of Kanji’s… man it is harder than I initially thought it would be. But somehow I still feel like I can do this.


Hi yes you will be. Normally when the kanji is shown, you have to present the Onyomi and when it’s a vocab you would present the kunyomi. When learning they will let you know which reading to use :slight_smile:

You will be okay, don’t Sweat it.

Hi! Welcome to our little kanji club.

As Hsinz just beat me to, you WILL learn both on’yomi and kun’yomi for MOST kanji… eventually. You’ll probably start with just on’yomi (unless it’s a really rare reading, in which case you’ll only learn the kun’yomi), but then later, when learning real words (instead of just lone kanji) the system will start introducing kun’yomi.

You’ll figure it out easy enough. Kanji’s are hard, wanikani, not as much. Keep posting!

Short answer: Yes.

But they will teach them separately. One with the kanji and then the other with one of the vocab words.

Welcome @eguerrero88! I wish you the best in your kanji learnings.

To answer your question, and as others have said, both. Do not worry though as there is a rhyme and a reason as to how WaniKani does it. Trust the system and it will reward you with the kanji knowledge that you seek!

This is an exciting journey we all are in and I am glad that you are part of it!

All the best!

-inspectatoro :nerd_face:

Very daunting, but thank you everybody for the information and encouraging words. I’ll stay positive and keep climbing this 山.


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