Hey guys! how many Kanji do you guys learn a day?

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I used to do around 10 lessons a day and most of them were vocabulary, so probably 2 or 3 kanji a day on average. Of course, some days all 10 lessons were kanji and other days none of them were.


Even the fastest pace possible on WK works out to be about 5 kanji per day, so it seems unlikely there are going to be many people choosing numbers higher than that.

At 20 per day, it would take less than a year to reach the number of kanji in Kanken level 1.


I saw a video on YT about how learning 3000 Hanzi isn’t a big deal, because if you learn just 40 a day, you’ll be done in less than three months. I hope nobody went 「あ、そっか!」on that one.

WK currently teaches 2074 kanji in total. On 60 levels, that’s about 35 kanji per level on average. Even if you take only 7 days per levels, that’s still just 5 kanji per day. And some people are overwhelmed taking 14 days per level. Imagine going at a pace of 20 per day, or, cough cough 40.


It depends on how well I already know them. For those I absolutely don’t know (not familiar with the vocab and don’t recognize the kanji), then I won’t push more than 5.

Depending on my familiarity with the rest, I’ll do an additional 5-10 kanji lessons. If I know some vocab and recognize the kanji, I’ll do 5 lessons, and then 5 more for ones I know either one or the other. But that’s after I’ve done vocab from the last batch.

That way it’s easier to recall them during reviews because there’s a nice balance of kanji I may know well and ones that I’m learning for the first time.

All of them.


I typically learn associated vocabularies first, so Kanji isn’t really the limiting factor.

If enough vocabularies are known, 10 is possible. Actually, like 30 is possible too, but I would still make initial memorization in a batch of 10 (and prove my memory on paper, first).

That being said, even with WaniKani, I studied a little before the actual lessons or SRS. (And indeed, hastened by the leveling up pace.)

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Yeah, I was going to say, what about learning vocab and kana vocab rather than kanji themselves lol


When I level up I either do all of them, or most of them, then do the rest the next day, no set amount. When I unlock the next ones, I do them immediately. Because I’m going for max speed

On average, I learn between 0 and 9 items per day. Usually it’s about 3 items, but if I’m feeling good, I’ll learn some more… and if I’m really free, I’ll learn some in the morning and some in the afternoon.

But if my Review and/or Apprentice levels are too high, I don’t do any new kanji… I basically haven’t felt overwhelmed by WK since I started slowing myself down.

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What exactly is the definition of learning a kanji here. Either way, no matter what it is, I guess I would be below the lowest option and couldn’t answer anyways


You can do a Reading The Kanji run-through at a 20-a-day pace, I think, but of course it’s only teaching you how to write them, no associated readings or vocabulary at all.

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10 lessons everyday, regardless whether it’s wk radicals, kanji or vocab.


When I have kanji lessons available, I do between 8-9 (so I picked 10). Obviously, there are days I have no kanji lessons available and then I do 0.

I try and focus on at most 20 a week, as learning just the kanji without context means within a couple of weeks(days) i’ve already forgetten in.
With WaniKani, when they show me a new Kanji, i’ll also look up the stroke order on Stroke Order Diagram for 楽しい [tanoshii] - Tanoshii Japanese and then write it out.
I’ll also paste the kanji into google image to create a better mental image.
All this takes time so i learn less than average but i like to think i retain the information at least.

So far I level up once per week. Every tuesday at 19:00 I have to do the reviews of the second Kanji batch and then the new Kanji for the next level unlocks.
I already study those new Kanji the days before that, so I mostly know them already when I unlock them and can do them immediately.

Vocab - it depends a bit on how much new vocab is unlocked, but on average I do 20 to 25 vocab per day. Sometimes I do a bit more so I can have one day where I don’t have to study anything, which feels like a nice break :wink:

There is a user script that includes stroke order to wanikani, if you don’t have it already. Can’t remember the name at this moment tho :7

I also have been writing out every lesson content since starting with WK for reinforcement.

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Oh wow seriously!? I need to look this up, it will make life a lot easier.:sweat_smile: Writting them out is just a good habit, plus looking up kanji in the wilderness is a lot easier if you know the stroke count!


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We’re gonna have so many people with Kanken 1.