Helpppppp me idk what to do

So basically yknow how sometimes you fall off the wanikani train, you fall off the wanikani train hard?

Well i’ve disappeared for a few months, and i think id only had been doing much for a couple months in the first place but i have 731 reviews now, and I’m not sure what to do. What do you guys suggest? Should I go back some levels? If so how far? I’m very unsure what to do I apologize


I personally prefer to do the following:

Firstly, don’t do any new lessons until this heap is gone.

Secondly, don’t rush to get rid of this stack of reviews. If you do all of them at once, then they will also return all at once and will thoroughly punch you out of wanikani again.

Simply do a few whenever you have a little time, or a few dozen when you have a little more time. It will take a while, but it will slowly reintroduce you to the flow and get you back into WaniKani without too much resentment. After a while of chipping away, your heap will finally be gone.
Then, wait until your group of apprentice items contain around 100 items or less.

Also, don’t mind your percentages. The SRS works as intended here, and you most likely won’t remember a large chunk of the items. It doesn’t matter. Sooner or later they will go to a place on the SRS ladder that they are supposed to be according to how well you remember them.


If you still feel overwhelmed or just want to reset, I would go back to the start of level 4. You’re level is still low enough that it won’t take that much time and level 4 is when the workload starts to really pick up.

Here are the number of items per level. So each level you go back, you would lose about that many reviews.
Lvl 1- 84
Lvl 2 -152
Lvl 3 -121
Total = 357

Lvl 4 -184
Lvl 5 -191
Lvl 6- 187


Ah okay that makes sense!!! Thanks so much i felt really lost!!

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I’ll try what Pep95 suggested, but if that doesn’t work so well, I’m gonna hecka take this advice, thank for suggesting a good level choice!!


When this happens I turn on vacation mode right after finishing a review session. That way I’d do 731 reviews and only 731 reviews.

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I don’t think that is very advisable. It seems to me that it’s better to have the previously done items return to keep the natural SRS intact. Otherwise it will take a week before you see an item again that otherwise would be back in 4 hours.


Yeah it’s dumb, in the same way as leveling up without doing vocab. I justify it with “it’s been months so the srs system is out the window”

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I don’t have much better to offer than what Pep already suggested. But yes, definitely don’t do new lessons before the reviews are done. Also:

1°) Take your time: they stacked over a couple of months, don’t think you can or have to make disappear within a couple of hours.

2°) Trust yourself: You won’t remember everything but you’ll remember more than you give yourself credit for.

3°) Don’t get discouraged: You came back and checked how bad the damage was. That was the hardest part. You’re back with even more motivation and energy than before. Now just tackle those reviews one by one, little by little.

4°) Look af cute/funny Japanese pictures or anything that might remind you of why you like Japan and Japanese culture so much and why you want to learn Japanese so badly.

5°) Before you know it you’ll be back onto the Wanikani train and ready for new adventures!

(Optional 6: Make yourself a leaderboard (if you haven’t one already) and add me. I’ve already added you :wink: It helps me stay motivated, so it might be the same for you!)


A very good tip! Do you have any plans for going to Japan somewhere in the future?

Already did!
It was about six years ago.
I spent one month in Kyôtô and Tôkyô with a friend exploring, visiting temples and just enjoying the food and the unique atmosphere.
As weird as it may sound, I remember feeling at home almost immediately.
I already knew a little bit of Japanese at the time, which helped with reading maps and signs.
It was a truly awesome experience. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve been looking forward to going back ever since!


I was at an internship for four months, and also felt home pretty quickly. The people and country feel so orderly and kind, it’s just great to be there.

@Desichan, do you have any plans to go Japan in the near future? Maybe that will help with motivation?

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I did a big reset once and regretted it, because it took much longer than just reviewing/SRSing the reviews down for a week or two.

Take your reviews in chunks a day at a time, and make sure when you get something wrong you take the time to read the mnemonic or whatever it is you’re rusty on so it sticks.


Just start picking your way through them. In the grand scheme of things it’s less than you think.


Thanks haha I’ll do my best ;o;/// I was shocked cuz some stuff i last did over six months ago, i was able to burn right away, and i thought id remember nothing!

Also what kind of leaderboard do ya mean? :Oc And that makes sense haha, maybe if i look at cutesy japanese fashion, and japanese arcades itll motivate me!

See? Told you you’d remember more than you thought :wink:

Japanese fashion, ah… I wish I had more money to spend on that!

And here: [Userscript] Wanikani Leaderboard

Ah, not soon, but ive always wanted to see Harajuku and buy cute fashion there, and head to the arcades and try to win cute plushies

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Oh, that sounds great!
One big tip for Harajuku, go to streets parallel to the main street. The main street has become quite tourist focused over time, but if you have only one street sidewards, you’ll find a bunch of random little shops will all sorts of unique fashion. :wink:

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A few weeks ago I had 1200 reviews that piled up after I disappeared off Wanikani for a few weeks during a busy life period. I was so stressed about them, and yet, I am now back down to zero. The trick is to review at a faster pace than the reviews pile up, generally this means you need to do around a hundred per day at least. I remember the stress, don’t panic, you can do it, 700 or so isn’t as many as it seems.


Okeydoke thats super good to know!!! :Oc Thank you so much!