Helping someone backup a car in Japanese


In Japan, when I am backing up my car and a japanese person is helping me, they keep repeating a word over and over, but I can’t figure out what they are saying. I hear the same thing over and over around Japan when I encounter someone helping someone else back up their car/truck.

Anyone know what they are saying? To me it sounds like “righ, righ, righ” .


I’ve never seen this myself, but what about オーライ?


I’ve only heard it in anime, but I always assumed it was オーライ, as Leebo suggested.


I know gas stations do this to lead them into the proper position.
I think it’s something like えい えい え~い or へい、へい、へ~い
with the last one being slightly elongated to signal you should stop.

Stalk a gas station.


They’re saying “All Right” in katakana basically.