Help with the example sentence 「周りの目が気になるんです」

Was doing some lessons just now when I cam across this example sentence

Everyone around me is worried.

It’s not a difficult sentence or anything but the use of 目 confuses me. Based on the translation I have to assume that is the “me” bit of the translation but a quick look at it with rikaikun shows nothing like that. The only way I can make sense of it is if I think of 周りの目 as meaning everything I can see.

Anyone wish to clear this up for me?

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Think of it as the eyes around me, however in context it means the people around me. Does that help?

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周りの目 is literally “the eyes in the surroundings”. Eyes don’t just float around disembodied. They usually have people attached to them.


That helped a lot. I was just looking at it from the wrong angle.


I would interpret it as you seeing by their eyes that people are worried. The sentence literally says “The eyes around me are worried”; the eyes are worried, hence the people are worried.

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