Help with Speed Reading (An Integrated Approach to Intermedate Japanese)

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I’m using the AIATIJ textbook, and I’m stuck on one of the speed reading questions. There are no answer keys, but I found an online textbook that someone marked answers in, and the answers have seemed correct. So I’m using those to check my work.

This worked fine until section 2’s speed reading, where I am disagreeing with one of the answers. Could someone help me with the speed reading answer to the third question, C? I have it down as an O, but my informal answer key puts it down as an X. Am I missing something?

Thank you!

I would say the statement in C is correct, except that I don’t really know what のだろう is doing there. I guess it’s there because the implication is that the mail was sent before 夏休み itself but it’s not 100% known.


Thanks, glad I’m not crazy.

But it says 夏休みになったら… that’s not the same as 夏休みの前に, is it? The first one means it has already become summer vacation time when she got the e-mail, while the latter means “before summer vacation”. That’s why it is marked as wrong, or at least that’s what I think. Maybe I misinterpreted it.

This was my first thought as well. But doesn’t 夏休みになったら mean “When it will become summer vacation time…” implying the vacation didn’t start yet? That’s why I came to the same conclusion marking this O.

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The 夏休みになったら is part of the e-mail. She received an e-mail saying “夏休みになったらニューヨークへ遊びに行きたい” = “when the summer holidays start (during the summer holidays), I want to go to New York”.
The phrasing 夏休みになったら implies/makes it rather clear that it’s not summer vacation yet when she sent the mail.


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

I’m confused, C should be O, yes?

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Yes, that’s what I thought as well. So I’m realizing my answer key maybe not a good answer key.