Help with sentence? I am confusion

I was chatting in Hellotalk with a native speaker. From what I looked up and understood

It means writing in a clear and concise manner is difficult isn’t it?


But, I thought connecting i-adjetives was with くて and 書く used the を particle not に

Little help here please. If I were to guess に is because its not describing a person.

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わかりやすい and 簡潔 are adjectives, yes, but in this sentence they are acting adverbially.

To make an i-adjective into an adverb, you change the い to く, and to make a na-adjective into an adverb, you change な to に.

わかりやすい - easy to understand
わかりやすく - in an easy to understand way
簡潔な - concise
簡潔に - concisely

There is no direct object of 書く in this sentence, so nothing can be marked with を. It is implied… something like 文章を is understood without being said.


Ohhh bloody legend mate thank you

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