Help with core 10k sample sentence please! :)

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but nevertheless…

This is the train heading toward Tokyo.

This is one of the context sentences from the core 10k deck. How on earth does this sentence mean it’s the train heading toward Tokyo? I get that it’s supposed to mean the “ascending train” but is this how am I supposed to know it’s the one heading for Tokyo? Or is that always the way it’s referred to in Japan?


The second one seems like what you’re looking for. I had to search it, too :wink:


Today I learned!


It would be context dependent. When I get on the train at the local station, 上り電車 means the one headed toward 新開地駅 (you would translate it in this context as the inbound train).

The outbound train would be the 下り電車

A lot of trains head toward Tokyo though, so that’s a common 上り電車 destination I guess, enough that it’s become synonymous.


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