Help with a context sentence with 一気

Hello, I’m having trouble understanding one example.
I’m a beginner and don’t know anything about grammar, but I’m trying to read the examples as well.

Here it is:

It was such a relief to see my father, who looked well.

I’m learning the vocabulary 一気, but I can’t understand how it is translated here (maybe because I lack grammar?)

Sorry if this sounds silly and thank you for the help :blush:


気が抜ける to be relieved, is happening 一気に which is working as an intensifier here. So that makes it “such a relief”.

Usually the translations here aren’t completely 1 to 1, but they aim for natural sounding translations


Ok so I will add this meaning to the others given by WK.
Can you please write another example?
Thank you!

Since it is not a 1 to 1 translation, I don’t think adding the synonym would be useful. The given meanings are most accurate

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ok, I will memorize your explanation,
thank you so much, you’ve been really helpful!

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This resource lists ‘instantly’ as the second meaning:一気に.html

Note the に particle at the end (一気に)

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Thank you!
the definition is wider but it seems a different one nonetheless.
thanks for the link!

(I’m sorry my written English is awful, I don’t know if any of this makes sense to you)

you’ve been making sense! keep going the way you are, and keep asking questions.

By the way, you mentioned you haven’t started grammar yet. Haveyou been looking around to find a good resource for you to use?

:heart_eyes: thank you!

yes, I read some of the threads here in the community as well as on tofugu.
So far I realized that ‘Genki’ is the best for beginners as well as ‘a dictionary of basic grammar’

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Do note that the dictionary won’t have any exercises for you to practice with. I guess Genki would be a good place to start, especially if you’re studying without a teacher.

Nice! yes, I am studying by myself as absolute beginner.
Thank you for the precious advice, I will definitely buy genki then :+1:

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It’s worth to note here that the example sentences are examples of how this vocab would be used in real life. That makes them really hard. I often can’t read them all. I just read the English ones to make sure I kind of get the gist of what it means and then hope that actual reading will contextualize it for me more :slight_smile:.

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thanks, I didn’t realize there was an identical thread… my bad :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, at first it does sound like it has a different meaning, but I think that with the particle ‘に’, the noun becomes an adverb. Though I’m basing this on only one source off the top of my head:
急(sudden) =>急に(suddenly)
See:急 vs急に

So ‘in one sitting/breath/gulp’, would become 'in one sitting/breath/gulply, which it makes it sound like a fast change over a small amount of time to me, thus “instantly”.

p.s.: Don’t fret about the English. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve just read the thread about it, and it turns out that TofuguKanae has already answered the question :smiley:

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thank you :blush:

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