Help Understanding a Sentence

Can anyone help me 分かる this sentence?


After researching the component words and google translating it, I understand the overall sentence. I take it that 峰々原 is read as みねはら and that it’s the name of the school. But why is the repeater there? If the name is みねはら and the repeater is not enunciated, why is that?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Isn’t that a typo for 峰ヶ原 ? Which would be read みねがはら.


longest sigh in history Yes. Yes it is. :joy: I mistyped that when I read the sentence and typed it into google translate. Oh the pain. Thanks for that, I wasted so much time trying to understand what the heck was going on with that sentence and it was a problem of my own creation.

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Yeah, wouldn’t it be 通っている?

It’s the vocalic version of the same conjugation: い (ひ) makes う or っ before て and た. っ is standard, う is considered Kansai usually.

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I can confirm that is another typo, it’s written as 通っている. This is what I get for reading past midnight. Lessons learned :stuck_out_tongue:

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