Help translating this Godzilla ad?

I stumbled across this ad and I feel confused because I understand the words but not what it means.

Something like “Even if small Godzilla is born”? Is there maybe a meaning of 生まれる that I’m not familiar with?


They are separate sentences. 小さくても、ゴジラ “Even if (it’s) small, (it’s) (a) Godzilla”. And 生まれる “It is born.” They’re not one sentence together.

Basically, I think they’re just saying that the copier is smaller than other models, but still has a lot of functionality. Basically. And it’s new (生まれる).


Also, based on the credits at the bottom, the character is actually “baby godzilla”. I don’t know that character but I guess it causes as much damages as an adult one. And since it’s a baby, that’s how you connect to 生まれる


From reddit a year ago, this translation is pretty good!

[ Dropping Godzilla to try to capture the first idiom–and sticking in the manufacturer’s name to capture the second idiom:

“Though it be small, it’s a monster of a machine. A new invention–from Canon.”]


I see – I think my confusion was maybe thinking of 生まれる as only the birth of a living thing, but in this case it’s likely referring to the birth of a new kind of printer?

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If I remember correctly, 生まれる can be used for any sort of birth or production, whereas 産まれる is reserved to births of living things. According to an article I just read, the other difference is that 産まれる is reserved for discussing events at or immediately after the time of birth, meaning that one should use 生まれる for a child who have become an adult. Here’s the full article in Japanese if you’re interesting:

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As Jonapedia pointed out, it’s probably the case that 生まれる can be literally used for non-living things, but basically anything can be used metaphorically. And an ad where a tiny Godzilla uses a copy machine would definitely be open to metaphorical language usage.


Edit: misread the time stamp. I didn’t realize so much time had passed. Oh well.

More than a tiny Godzilla, it’s a baby Godzilla, making it a pun rather than a metaphor.
But anyway, my dictionary lists for 生まれる:


which also aligns with my experience with the word.

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