Help to understand, please!

I have this line from the song Infinity by Yuuri: 蹴飛ばした石が転がる道
I understand that there are the next parts:

  1. 蹴飛ばした verb that describes 石 noun
  2. が - no comments…
  3. 転がる verb describes the previous part, so it’s going to be translated like: kicked stone rolls
    So, here for the understanding next part I really need your help!
    Why noun is in the end of sentence?
    I suppose that the all sentence mean “The kicked stone that rolls on the road”
    But, isn’t noun “road” have to be in other part of sentence and probably have に or で, something like
    "道には蹴とばした石が転がる” or "蹴とばした石が道に転がる”
    I’m not sure that made sentences right, but you get it, I can’t understand why it is in the end and not used with any particles at all
    I suppose that verb after ga describes the road but??
    I’m not sure

I personally say it’s more like “the road that the kicked stone rolls on”

This same structure is happening twice. Verb followed directly by noun means the verb structure is modifying the noun.


蹴飛ばした石 - the verb modifying the noun 石 - the kicked stone
石が転がる - stone, marked as the subject, is rolling/ tumbling
All that modifies 道 - so the road on which the kicked stone rolls.

In most languages, song lyrics don’t have to adhere to the strict grammatical rules that you’d see in something like a book. So I personally would say songs aren’t the best source to learn strict grammar from, since creative liberties are taken left, right and centre. If it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t have to be because you misunderstand something, but just because it’s “wrong” in a way that works artistically.


Now I understand, I just have to get used to this, haha.


But overall, I found a cool way to learn vocabulary or kanji by translating songs. For example, if I really like a song and start learning the vocabulary and kanji from there, it somehow makes it psychologically and emotionally easier to remember. I begin to disassemble the grammatical aspects of the lyrics, if “Why does it work like this?” thought doesn’t leave my brain. That one is what the post is about)

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