HELP struggling on low levels

I’m so glad to see your post. It’s taking me ~2 months/level too, and I am shy about that.

When I started WK (one year ago) I was on a race. Not so much for Level 60 but for some proficiency. Some time ago I realized that I needed to slow down, calm down, and just enjoy the learning.

I’m so enjoying that from time to time now with new vocabulary lessons I can guess correctly the reading of it, which reinforces my memory of the kanji.

I open up new lessons ten at a time, and only every few days, because I want to control the pressure I feel about the number of reviews that are coming up. Thank goodness for WK’s review forecast. I can see that as the number of my mistakes goes down that it’s a good time for me to add new lessons into the mix.

This little story might help too: A woman was 55 and complained to a friend that she’d always wished she’d gone to law school and become an attorney. But to start now would mean that she’d be approaching 60 by the time she finished. Her friend said, “Well, you can be 60 and be an attorney, or not. What do you prefer?”

That story helps me. I have no idea when I’ll reach level 60 or achieve some level of confidence in my being able to read or communicate. But each day I’m a little bit closer!


I love that story about the 55 year old woman. Thank you for sharing that with me. :smile_cat:

As for the gaining confidence in reading comprehension you could read Crystal Hunters. Not sure if you are into manga, but it’s a manga that teaches Japanese. There is the Japanese and the Natural Japanese version. The Japanese version is easier so I recommend picking that and reading the guide first before the story as it shows a list of all the vocabulary they use and grammar explanations. My confidence in reading shot up after reading their manga. Loved it so much I read all volumes 1-5 and waiting for the 6th one which is coming out later this year. It was the first time I was able to read through a manga and understand the entire thing which really left me with a good feeling. They teach things in manga that textbooks don’t teach which is extremely helpful.

Guide for Japanese version Book 1

Japanese version Book 1

Those links I got from their website under free stuff. FREE STUFF – Crystal Hunters Manga

So the first book you can read for free, but volume 2-5 you have to get from Amazon kindle.


Great nuggets of wisdom here.

Also, happy cake day!

Winners compare their achievements with their goals.” Nido Qubein

Try more self-compassion. As someone pointed out here there are many variables that go into how fast people are moving that you may not be aware of. Instead of comparing yourself to others, try setting small improvement goals for yourself. Even if it’s doing a level 1 day faster than previous, or improving your accuracy by a percentage. Meeting your own goals may help you feel more of a sense of accomplishment and keep you from losing motivation. Pressure and time…pressure and time. You can get anywhere as long as you don’t stop.