Help - Should I reset?

So I made an account in 2016, and didn’t start studying until a couple weeks ago. Better late than never, right?! However, this means wanikani thinks I spent three years on level one, and it estimates me to finish in 2126. I really hope to finish one lifetime, you know, before I die. Can I fix this? I really don’t want to reset all my progress.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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if you click any level on the chart it’ll exclude it from the calculations. tbh wkstats isn’t that accurate for reset accounts either btw.

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Damn, you need to upload your consciousness into the cloud to be able to finish Wanikani. Goodluck!

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I thought the new version actually does well with resets. But I could be wrong, since I haven’t ever reset at this point.

In case OP is using the old version:

It takes the personal acces tokens, not API 1.

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The new version doesn’t seem to have the predictions / projections part.

Ah, I see. :thinking:

Yeah, I think just click the “problem” levels to keep them off the estimate. It took me a while to decide actually pay, so my level 4 says like 20+ days but I only actually spent like 8 on it.

Unless your first few levels are totally forgotten… if that’s the case I think yeah, reset, might as well, but if you still remember a good chunk of them, just ignore the stats

Wow, considering RESETTING ENTIRE PROGRESS just because some 3rd party says “You’ll never learn Japanese”. Talk about easily defeated :wink:


The entire progress of never having started back then? :wink:


I decided to reset. I’ve gotten back to my original levels in a week, which wasn’t a big deal. However, I would not have reset had I spent more time before realizing. I didn’t like looking at wrong stats every time I used tsurukame, but if I didn’t use that app, I probably wouldn’t have reset.

Thanks for everyone’s input. :slight_smile:

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