Help - new tablet, lightning mode always activated when using bluetooth keyboard

Hello, I upgraded from an old Android tablet to a new - Galaxy A6 to an S4 - and now I’m having great difficulties doing my reviews. It is like “Lightning mode” is always active, so that it is like pressing Enter is done twice when inputting the meaning/reading. This skips forward to the next item without me having a chance to see if I got it right or wrong.

I don’t use any extensions and it happens no matter how I access Wanikani - Chrome, Firefox or the Flaming Durtles app. I have two bluetooth keyboards and it happens with both of them, but only in Wanikani, the Enter key works normally in all other apps. It works fine using the on-screen keyboard.

Any ideas??

It might be from the lag from using Bluetooth, causing it to think you’re holding down the enter key instead of just pressing it once. (Wireless connections are less fast than wired and have a delay). Also, you might be pressing the “space” button after pressing enter, which could cause it to advance, as the space button is used occasionally to replace the enter key.

I’m not sure how to fix that though. Maybe you could go into the settings and press everything involving the keyboard and text input devices until it stops thinking you’re doing it twice.

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