HELP needed: Idiot GUIDE to JOYUSOUND on Nintendo Switch

Yo all happy people~!

I wonder if anyone is using JOYSOUND on Nintendo switch. I would like to start it, as I believe it have the most broad range of songs. It seems to be avaliable for JP accounts to install, but thats not the end. You need an app for mobile (to use asa mic), pay the fee to use app and many other things.

It can be easy to a fluent Japanese student, but Im having hard times ;/ This is when I thought we might have someone using it already, taht can guide others through the maze of it :slight_smile:

So here is my request: Is there anyone who can explain in a very simple way all the steps to enjoy JOYsound game on Nintendo Switch, from the very beginning to the step, when you can actually play the game? ^__^;

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A collaborative effort can be more fun and educational, but if no one ends up able to offer a hand, there is a Twitter thread where someone explains all the options and settings.

Reading through the first few steps, getting and paying for the app seems to be the only part that they don’t really cover.

I got it from this reddit thread:


If you have a Switch other than a Lite, you can just plug USB microphones into the dock. A lot easier than using the app, I’d imagine!

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