Help needed - how to read this name?

I work in a museum where we get a lot of Japanese visitors. Yesterday someone signed in the guest book with this name. Me and my friend couldn’t figure out the reading of the name, probably because it is uncommon name. Maybe someone could help us out? (click to view full photo)

Uneducated guess:

中道 文夫 Nakamichi Fumio

Could also be Nakadou Ayao or something.

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It reads as Nakamichi Fumiyo (verified by a Japanese person)

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Oh yeah, that works too [Nakadou Ayao] but that reading is more rare (datte).

Wow, I’m in awe of your kanji level.

Thank you very much!

You should be in awe of my Yomichan level :wink:


:bowing_woman: Thank you for teaching me your ways, master! This is amazing for a noob like meeee!

Hmm if you didn’t know rikaichan or yomichan then your life will be much better from now on :wink:

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