Help Needed for this a Japanese Self Learner :D

I’m in the middle of level 13 right now and I am self-taught too. I waited until WK level 10 before I really dove into grammar. That being said I tried to start grammar earlier but I either had trouble with the vocab or I would lose interest. It was weird. I say all that to say, I feel as though my Japanese learning has really kicked into high gear.

LingoDeer is a great resource for learning vocab and grammar. I love the way the grammar for each section is summarized and off to the side next to the lessons. I recently started using Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary. The default study mode is the 10k core from Anki which is great because I wanted to use Anki but I don’t do well with flashcards. Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar is an excellent resource. It is free on the website, but I bought a hard copy. It is very easy to digest. I used Bunpro a little while it was free and I really liked it. I think I would use it more now so I will invest in it soon. I have also started working through some graded readers. Someone posted a link with a website for a few free graded readers. I’ll link it here. They are free to read and you can download the PDF too.

For me, waiting until level 10 was a great idea. I can move through the grammar lessons much easier and quicker than when I tried before (which was probably around level 5 or 6).