Help me understand this sentence

Around the time they got married, my son’s wife pretended she was a prude.

The part I am having trouble breaking down is “かまととぶっていました。”

Any help appreciated.

On a side note, even though I knew that 焼きたて meant freshly baked, I never really thought about the grammar and how it could be applied before looking at this sentence. More information here:たてtate-from-facebook-mini-lessons/


かまとと・someone (esp. a woman) pretending to be innocent (jisho)
Maybe this could imply being “prude”?

As for ぶっていました、I think it’s ぶつ(打つ)

Actually it’s:

I was assuming this based on 一芝居打つ which means “to deceive/trick someone” sort of.

This is my speculation. Let’s wait for someone who knows to come along :wink:

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It’s 振る. :slightly_smiling_face:


Edited my post, thanks :wink:

Thank you both.

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