Help me translate this

I found this in lyrics of one of the songs i listen to but couldn’t find any meaning in jisho or wanikani so i need your help :slight_smile: .
Sorry if the meaning turned out to be weird. I have no idea what could it mean

Can you post the song you heard this in? Based on the meanings I found in Jisho, I guess it means:

“While we poke fun at eachother, and while we protect one another…”

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  1. to poke each other; to jab each other​

And since 庇う means to protect or to cover for, my guess is 庇い合う means to protect each other.

So my guess is this means something like: “While poking each other (playfully, jokingly) and while protecting each other”

Insect of love by hantan or 恋ノ蟲

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Found english translation might not be correct but it was “it conflicts with another while getting along with each other”

If you put incomplete sentences in, it will return odd translations. Also, song lyrics are hard to translate. It’s more about the sound and general feeling, than it is about exact meanings. I would take it as an opportunity to learn some new words, and a chance to learn about how nagara works, but other than that, it won’t be so useful to put too much energy and time into translating a song.


Same idea lol.
Yeah i understand it might not be wise to try translate not so useful words or kanjis but i usually like to check whenever i encounter a kanji i don’t know i check here first then jisho. also got curious what could it mean

There’s ‘ココロを互いに’ before this in the song, which I think offers some clues. You might want to look at this page for translations of つつく (and not つく, which is the usual reading for 突く):

I think the phrase actually means something like ‘while we poke at/tease/tug at each other’s heart(strings) and protect each other’. つつくis related to たたく, which means to ‘hit’ or ‘strike’ (like when beating a drum), and it seems to have a more insistent feel to it than plain old つく. I’m not completely certain though, since I don’t fully understand the song (the words used are rather unfamiliar), but I think this is probably a little more fitting than the literal ‘poke’, especially given that it seems to be a love song.

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