Help me translate these sentences

I’m writing a story where a few Tanzaku are part of the plot. For some flavor and personal reasons, I want to include it in both languages. As a beginner, I’ve no hope using correct grammar and word choice, so would you amazing people help me out? :slight_smile:

  1. I want to realize/find my talent.
    Either is fine, whichever sounds better. Talent here should be 才能, I think, but it’s hard for me to pick the correct one.
  2. I want to never feel/be bored.
    Self-explanatory, I hope.

Thank you all in advance!

Why don’t you post how far you’ve come so far, and we can help steer you in the right direction?


Well, with the help of google and jisho…
自分の才能を見つけ[…] I don’t know enough about verb conjugation to fill the gap. Google says it’s 見つけたい, but it could be wrong. The rest looks fine though.
The other sentence is harder. Google gave me 飽きたくない. According to jisho, 飽きる means to get tired of; to lose interest in; to be fed up with; to have enough. I feel like it’s not boredom, but something else, so maybe it should be another verb in this form. V-ない sounds about right, if I remember all those anime characters saying もう諦めない :shushing_face: Again, I’m not sure, given how japanese likes to omit everything.


  1. 自分の才能にきづいてほしい - someone will have to double check this one as I’m not 100% on it.

Te hoshii is used when you want someone else to do something. When you are referring to yourself, -tai is the way to go.

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Maybe something with 退屈?

Also, I think this is a different nuance of ‘to realize’. I interpret OP’s version as more of a ‘to make real’ meaning, than ‘to become aware of’. Or at least, that is what I think ’ to realize talent’ usually means.

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