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So I worked through the fist 40 levels pretty quickly and easily. But I had a health crisis over the summer and had to take a break. I’ve had long Covid since 2020 and it got a lot worse. My short term memory is shot and I think I might have brain damage, or it’s just not functioning right (I’ll find out soon). But I just started thinking that I want to be proactive about it and this sort of learning is probably pretty helpful with building up neuroplasticity.

I’ve seen people talk about resetting many times but I have no idea how to do it. I don’t want to reset all the way to the beginning, but maybe back about 20 levels or so.

But I made my own mnemonics most of the time and kept them in the “note” field. I also added synonyms to most kanji and vocab. So if I reset to an earlier level will I lose all of those synonyms and notes? If so, that might determine how far back I try to go.

I know that I’ve forgotten a ton and there’s no way I’m gonna make it though the thousands of reviews I have. It’s gonna be slow going this time, but I think it’s time to start. I do a lot more listening than reading, but knowing the kanji somehow made it so much easier to understand what I listen to because my brain would automatically understand the constitution of the words I was hearing and make meaning of them. It’s been sad to watch that fade away. I hope I can get the ability back.

Please help me understand how this works. I love Japanese and I want to start building back the knowledge I’ve lost.

Thank you!

  1. Go to the main wk page.
  2. click your avatar.
  3. Click “Danger Zone”
  4. Click “Send Reset Confirmation Email” and follow the instructions on the email.

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I’m not quite sure if resetting things keeps them in the note field but I wish you the absolute best. I guess you could find out by only resetting one level and checking those items. I’m so sorry about what happened but I’m sure you can do this! Good luck!

Edit: I just found this on the WaniKani help page!

“And don’t worry, resetting your account does not remove your user synonyms or custom notes. (You just won’t be able to access them until you unlock those items again.)”

Here’s the article I found it from: Can I Reset My Level? | WaniKani Knowledge

So the answer is no, resetting does not change your custom notes :slight_smile:


I can confirm that resetting doesn’t remove anything. Wish you all the best, though, regarding memory and stuff too.

Indeed perhaps listening can help. Probably meanings don’t need to be recalled as strongly as readings.


That’s a relief that I won’t lose anything. Thank you!

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“Danger Zone” I love Wanikani’s quirkiness :laughing:

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