Help me find music

Looking for melodic/slow songs, preferably with a lot of emotion in them.


Have you tried, Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi?


If you are more on the melancholic aspect, I’d suggest And they have escaped the weight of the darkness… by Olafur Arnalds, it’s an album featuring mostly piano and strings, there’s also his album Island songs which is really great in the same genre but less melancholic. However if you are more on the slow/soothing aspect, maybe something like Lake Louise by Andrew Huang or A chance to Rest by Lena Raine, both are very soothing and emotional songs (at least for me). If you prefer a genre, I suggest you look into atmospheric ambient, say for example Full/new by Lightbath+Emily A. Sprague, the emotions are there but they tend to be diffuse all along the compositions. If you are more into the anime type, maybe look into Lit(var) from Kensuke Ushio (from the anime movie 聲の形[こえのかたち])

How about a golden oldie? あずさ二号

back number T-T this guy does covers I really like

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For You by AZU

強がり by Mr. Children is really good, I think you’ll like it! A Japanese friend showed it to me two months ago.

Since I haven’t listened to a lot of slower Japanese music, I’ll just leave the closest thing I can think of that I’ve heard here and hope it’s not completely off :slight_smile: (and if it is, I’m sure everyone else will have better suggestions)

This song was featured in a Doraemon movie!



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