Help me find a good name for a Judo Kata

Hey everyone,

so my dad’s coworker texted him to ask whether I could help him with naming a Kata he put together himself (I’m not an expert in Judo or martial arts or anything, sorry if that is worder wrong).

What he came up with was 開発の形, as in Kata of development or progress. I get what he means, but for me 開発 implies developing infrastructure, while he means physical development or progress of one’s body.

I thought of 身体発達 at first, though that looks and sounds awkward to me and is probably too complicated for a non-japanese speaker. Also found 発育 but my understanding of the word is development of a child.

I thought maybe someone here might be able to help out with this one, as I know that people who do martial arts might have a more suitable grasp and vocabulary than me :smiling_face: I wouldn’t want him to use half-assed Japanese for a Kata that he might teach other people haha.


I don’t think I can help you much, but I just wanted to throw in that 開発 is also used for e.g. software development (I was called a ソフトウェア開発者 by my Japanese teacher).
Now we can argue whether software is a part of infrastructure :rofl:


I have no idea anything about judo or what a kata is but if he’s talking about his own development or progress in judo or something then maybe 成長 is what he’s looking for


haha yeah the word is definitely used in other contexts than just infrastructure, but whenever I see it just by myself that’s the first thing I think of :grin:

Yeah I thought of that one too but when I look up examples it mostly refers to maturing, as in a child becoming an adult.

I guess he wants to incapsulate the notion of development of one’s own skills, muscles etc. It’s quite a tricky one imo

Sounds fine for 成長 on both accounts. 上達 also works for the skills one but not so much muscles.

If he wanted to take a step back and be more abstract it could be 向上心 which would refer to his heart which is ambitious to make progress.

I actually quite like 上達.
I’ll suggest a few of them and see what resonates with him

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Yeah, that 開発 is about developing stuff like products, not one’s own “self” (?)".

@Rorioko I used to train karate for a long while and there kata had names like 太極初段 (I had to google the kanji separately)

You can use that as reference.


I would just be clear it doesn’t really have broad nuance like “development” and is more just “improvement”

I’ll just throw in here that Judo Katas tend to have simple, functional names : 投の形、固の形、 With simple descriptors doing a lot of the heavy lifting 柔の形, 極の形. The most abstruse of all is simply 五の形.


And there are only seven? That’s what came up when I searched. I was expecting a long list.

Is this friend some kind of judo master who has invented a new school of judo?

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Seven official ones. Inventing new kata is a bit of a niche hobby. I think the last one to become ‘canon’ was in the 50’s.

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