Help in determining what this kanji is

So I was reading a novel, and a particularly nasty kanji came in my way. I take notes of all the unknown vocabs, but I can’t find the かん kanji here at all. I wrote and wrote over again in kanji searching apps, even chose the right radicals in jisho, but I can’t find. Please help

The one after the 清. If I see it right, the radicals are tsunami, gate and moon. But I maybe wrong.

Thank you!

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It’s an 異体字 of 澗

Initially I just popped the radicals (さんずい, もんがまえ, and つき) into google and it came right up.


I didn’t know you can search the kanji by radicals that way (since I don’t know that radicals do have japanese names). Thanks!


They don’t have “official names” as such but here’s a list: The 214 traditional kanji radicals and their meanings


So, what is 「清澗」? Putting the whole sentence into Google Translate and DeepL translate the word as “Clear”, but I don’t get that result when I put the word into Jisho.

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Based on context, the word “clear” fits, but I’ve been googling 「清㵎 意味」but I just don’t get direct results.

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