HELP! I have too many lessons

i just hit level 5 and now i have 131 lessons because i decided to do 10 a day but this is too many lessons sitting around does anyone have any recommendations? should i just sit though them?


Don’t ever pay attention to the number of lessons and just keep doing 10 lessons a day. Doing otherwise has been known to cause anger issues. Many people have quit wk due to this built up anger.

Conserve your energy. Maintain your sanity. Embrace your happiness. Keep doing 10 lessons a day and life will be good :slight_smile:


Yes as state above! I always would recommend continuing at your pace! Everyone has a different kind of path that tends to work for them, and I’m just now figuring out mine at level 6.

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I don’t really understand what you mean by “too many lessons sitting around.”

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Nothing bad happens if you have a lot of lessons to do. In fact, don’t think of them as lessons “to do”, think of them as lessons “unlocked”. You can do them, but don’t have to. It wouldn’t really change anything if all 60 levels got unlocked all at once and there were thousands of lessons available. That’s just to keep you from going too fast and getting yourself in trouble, which you’re not. Reviews is a different story.

It sounds like you’re doing fine though. Just do your lessons as fast or slow as you want, and keep up with the reviews.


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