Help! 「〜等各種の衣記がある」

I’m laboriously trying to read a book on carpentry with lots of 専門語(せんもんご).

The section on a carpenter’s square contains the following fascinating warning/note:

さしがねは指矩、曲尺、勾尺、曲金、曲矩、 壼矩、墨矩、かねじゃく等各種の衣記がある。

[EDIT: I transcribed it incorrectly with my bad eyes. The word at the end was 表記(ひょうき) (written expression) not ()記 which is meaningless.]

Questions in order of importance/interest to me:

Question 1:

I know the sentence means the tool can be called by several different names, but the last bit has me confused. Does 等各種 mean “equivalent sorts”? And what What in the world is 衣記? I can’t find an entry for those two characters together in any of my dictionaries. My best guess is it’s equivalent to saying a word was “dressed up as” something else.

Question 2:

Do I have the reading for this sentence correct? How would someone read this sentence aloud? Jisho tells me the くま reading and “corner” meaning for 曲 comes from the character 隈. Goo tells me that the tool could also be called a もがりがね (曲り尺)!



Question 3:

Typing in all of this took me WAY longer than I want to admit. Any hints from power IME users (I’m on a mac)?


等 is probably など




Sheesh! I was hung up on thinking of it as “equal”.



“and all sorts of”


Closest I could find is that it has something to do with a list of things. I had to go Google Advanced Search for this. lol

First find was from a Japanese Accent Dictionary:

頭の一音©は十の ffl さにあることゝ了解せられたい。一音韻の衣記については字音の「英•桂」霉は「エイ,ケイ」等とし、その發音(卽ち音聲®現)は〔工イ,ケイ〕から〔エー,ケー〕に至るまでの傾を忍めることふした。

Second find was from a Developmental Psychology Paper:

中 四 ・佐方 (1993 )は “generativity” を「生 殖 性」としているが,「次の世代を世話し育成することに対する関心 (中 四 ・佐方 1993)」 が 要点であるとされていることから,本研究では「世代性 」と衣記する 。

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My reading abilities aren’t up to making heads or tails of those, I’m afraid. Too little context. I’m still unsure what it means, how it’s read, or how it’s used.

I wonder if it’s more commonly written with hiragana or some other characters?

Found it!

On my phone no less: -~~帰依/~~

~~Wrong link, this one I think:依拠/~~

Nope. Never try to research on your phone while eating dinner.

Still searching…

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Could it be 表記 (ひょうき)instead of 衣記?

The second source from alo is also 表記, not 衣記.


Oh, for Pete’s sake:

Yup. That makes way more sense. :bowing_man:

In my defense, I just turned 60 and was diagnosed with CSFS*. I may have to read the rest of this book with my optivisors.

Thank you!

  • Can’t see for … err … something

Looks like both me and the OCR got it wrong :joy:


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