Hello, new user Brook, looking for Japanese to listen to

Hello, I just joined WaniKani. I found in learning other languages it’s helpful to listen constantly so my brain starts recognizing syllables. Does anyone know a resource where I can listen to hours of Japanese?

Youtube. Search for something you like in Japanese.



More seriously, the “What Do I Do Now?” thread has a whole section of free listening resources too.

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And let’s not forget The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List either! And all the threads about Japanese music!

Happy listening!

There are some great podcasts in the resource list

Do you have any favorite anime? You can stream them in Japanese. I’m watching Sailor Moon, because as a 27 year old man… I’m still just a 美少女(beautiful girl) at heart.


Community radio being broadcast online? I did that when learning German. Must be a few Japanese community radios that broadcast online.

[Listening Practice - “Sound Library” podcasts]

For the hardcore people, you can always listen Tim Ferriss interviewing Marie Kondo , the author of the best seller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. The podcast has a translator to help out ^^

KonMari saved my life! :joy::sweat_smile:Thanks for the link, I’ll definitely be listening to it later!!

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Tim Ferris is one of my favorite people :scream:.

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