Hello im new and i have question

before i subscribe i want to know if i can look at the meaning and the pronunciation and mnemonic of kanji that i didn’t unlock yet for exp im trying to read yotsuba.

As an unsubscribed user, you can look at anything in the first 3 levels. If you subscribe, you can look at anything on the site. Even if it’s locked.

thank you for you help

Hey @Leebo
So what if i subscribe just for one month, screenshot everything and study on my own? Is that possible? Can i access all radical, kanji, vocab this way?

Can you screenshot srs? Or all the mnemonics on the site? Kanji lists exist outside of WK, as do radicals. So why you’d wanna waste your time attempting to rip off someone’s site is beyond me…

You could just download a list of kanji and then vocabulary words somewhere else for free and spend your one month on WK actually learning. My advice is compare one month on and one month off, see how much you learn.

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Tofugu has its own list but even it isn’t same with WK. For example rofugu says 母= sun+drop+drop. It is hard to remember. But WK says 母=drawer. It is easier. WK uses really good mnemonics. Also extra radicals is a good idea, too.

The radicals are arbitrary, so you could make up your own radicals and mnemonics if you wanted and use those to learn kanji from any number of free kanji resources. With WK, you’re more paying for the SRS system, and to have lessons and vocab served to you nicely spaced out. If you wanted to learn without the Wk system, then there’s no need to buy a membership at all.

Yeah there are sites that do this already, kanji damage, movie method, etc. I’m subscribing for very specific reasons

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