Hello I need advices to learn kanji


I’m currently learning Japanese by myself. Do you guys have any advice, tips, or apps to how I can master the Kanji or the grammar asap? Thank you guys!!!


Kanji: use WaniKani
Grammar: use Tae Kim


I would also recommend taking a look at this:


Hello there.
Good luck.
ASAP is a bit ambiguous, you can set better goals. Like ’ I will make it in 2 years’ or “ten days per levels of wanikani” etc.


Yep, I recommend making SMART goals


Your overall goal may be general, like “I want to be conversationally fluent within 2 years,” but you should set mini goals that are more specific, like “I want to learn 10 words every day” to help you progress towards your overall goal.


I have a really simple tip that has a 100% success rate: Don’t give up.

If you follow this, you’ll get there eventually! And remember, learning Japanese is a marathon. You shouldn’t be concerned with how fast you’re going. Only that you’re still moving forward.


I hear AJATT is good.