Hello. Help me. Or not. Idk anymore

Hi there! This is just a side account I made for myself for “research purposes”. I am currently busy with my exams and one of the exam tasks involves doing a netnography, or more specifically, an analysis of a specific community online. I was planning on categorizing the community members to certain groups according to the content they usually post. I also have 1, maximum 2 days to do this thing so I doubt it will be really serious. I just need to pass (T_T).
I also need to do like a general description of Wanikani and its community but I can’t really find statistics like “how many people are currently using WK”. Does anyone know where can I find this type of info?
Also, does anyone know if it’s possible to keep on posting stuff in the community once the free trial is over? Is it possible to forever stay level 3 and keep on posting here? What about those who are above lvl 3 and their monthly/yearly subscription is over?

Any other tips would also be appreciated. Feel free to ignore this post as well, idk what I’m doing anyways.

P.S. This is the first time I tried creating a topic in this community, that’s pretty exciting


Best shoot them an email at hello@wanikani.com to ask if they are ok with providing some statistics. You‘ll quite probably get an answer on Monday, 8am, GMT-8.
Also, yes, as soon as you have an account, you can keep posting as long as you wish, subscribing or not.


Thanks, I’ll try that out :slight_smile:

For the full stats, you will need to send an email as @Tyger said.
However, you can also gather data directly from the forum. A lot of those are public, so a bit of programming knowledge will give you fairly detailed stats on usage here.

Edit: example: there are currently 44289 accounts on the forum, but only 10% of that ever received a like. Does that mean anything? You tell me.
Edit2: in fact, you can just check the badge page and already get a lot of interesting data “for free”


I usually post doggo gifs


THANK YOU! This helps a lot!!!

Heh, well that’s one category :smiley:

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And I’m a lurker. I’m always watching but never post.

Until now … dang it!


Haha I’m giving you a chance to shine XD Thanks for your input ^^

The free trial is by levels, not by time. You can post in the community as long as you have a WK account. It doesn’t matter if you’re subscribed or not.


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