Hello hello, help please

Help me destroy the evil starter checklist, where and how and who and when do i say hello???


You must say hello to me. Thanks.

I will see that the list disappears as soon as you reach level 2.


You need to request authorization to access the cubes

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Did this post add the check mark? How many more checks do you need to complete?


If only. All those poor starters that have faith in the checklist. The crabigator is cruel. :crabigator:

Welcome, @lizziemeaow! Good luck on your kanji journey!


It’s an initiation rite. We‘ve all been there. Next checkpoint will be „Wanikani is soooo slow, is that normal?“ So to help you there: it’s normal and it will speed up more than you wish for.

Good luck on your journey! You’ll find a great and supportive community here.


Hi!! Hope your having fun :))

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With the new dashboard update and reaching Level 2, the dreaded list has gone! :slight_smile:

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helo fren thanks to your powers i am list free <3

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