Heaven is not read Tenkoku, disregard that, I can't read

Forgive the poor-quality photo, I moved past this lesson by mistake before I could screenshot.

The correct reading for 天国 is Te N Go Ku, not Te N Ko Ku.

As you can see from my image, however, it awards “Tenkoku” which means Seal Engraving, not Heaven, as the correct reading. It also refuses to accept the correct reading Tengoku.

Thanks, Lee

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You took a picture of 全国, not 天国… and you correctly answered ぜんこく, not てんこく.

EDIT: Welcome, Lee. I, too, am Lee.


I am thou, thou art I…

Ah shit, I’m so stupid. 悪かったな…ごめん

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No biggie. Everyone has a brain fart now and then.

(ど忘れ in Japanese)


The arcana is the means by which all is revealed


The irony is that you totally read that right, seeing as you answered a totally correct reading! Your brain is ahead of you!


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