Heatmap Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)

I feel like 75 days is a good first milestone :slight_smile:


100%! Amazing!
Will fix those buttons whenever I get to doing the next update, they should not be white!


Pffft! 100% is for amateurs… I always make sure to give 101% at all times. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Just kidding, @Ornantius! Way to go on your own 100% streak! I’m pretty sure this has something to do with my day offset settings, and is definitely not because of any particularly extra awesomeness on my part…)


Ooops :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry about it!! I like having the ego boost :wink:


yeah i am really slow at this… kinda want to point out june 4th of this year though where i aparently did 124 lessons in a day… i have no recollections of that ever happening but the heatmap doesn’t lie

also comment about 2017 imo it shouldn’t realy count cause i didn’t get premium until january of 2018. After that i have no excuses though… i was less active during my summer holidays of 2018 than in my finals in 2019… and now that school is over and i’m in uni (which should mean i have less free time) i am more active than ever + i’m taking japanese lessons at uni now


I’m pretty consistent in picking wanikani back up late september/october lol
Didn’t even realize this until I looked at this… well my time is almost up see you next year! :rofl:

I made a pretty good run at it in 2016 when I started but my attempts to pick it back up 2017 and onwards aren’t very impressive I must admit…


At least you’re consistent with the time of year you start in, that’s something


Funny thing is i didn’t realize it at all… I installed the heat map script (awesome thing btw thx) and saw it and was like… wtf :grin:


hey guys remember the big story time i did ?
i did more things


Where’s that level up chart from?


I am furious with myself that I managed to do all the days, not missing a single one, UNTIL THE VERY LAST DAY OMG I AM STUPID


@ejplugge I am not familiar with the posting part of the API, is it possible to fix this? image


I can’t believe I am answering this question seriously…

The short answer is: probably not.

The long answer is: only if you have a review available right now that was also available at the time you wanted to do it, to complete the picture.

When you post to the reviews endpoint at https://api.wanikani.com/v2/reviews , you can specify a created_at date. An example request body:

  "review" : {
    "created_at" : null,
    "incorrect_meaning_answers" : 0,
    "incorrect_reading_answers" : 0,
    "subject_id" : 12345

(Fill in the correct subject ID of course.)

If you specify a date for created_at in the format “2019-11-18T06:23:10.821314Z”, the review will be registered for that timestamp.

But it will only be accepted if that subject had an available review at that date, and that review hasn’t since then been submitted yet.

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Oh, sorry, I should have specified, it’s actually lessons, and I definitely have a few lessons (and reviews) which were available then. But it sounds like it’s possible then! Providing lessons work the same

Yeah, lessons work the same, except the request field is called “started_at” there. Same deal, if that field is filled in, and the timestamp is acceptable for the WK API servers, then it should work.

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Aw yes! Thank you! I should have just waited until now and submitted them all at the same time

Sorry, do you know how to do this in JS? Whatever I try I get preflight CORS errors…

Not really, sorry. I don’t do frontend web development… Outside of a browser environment, CORS is not an issue. All I can do is point you to some documentation about CORS: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/CORS

Basically, if you want to do a POST/PUT request to a web server from a page that is not on the same domain, then a) the server must allow it, and b) the client must send an appropriate Origin header before the server will accept it. There is some handshaking involved in that, and the first step is usually a preflight request that is used to check what the server will and will not allow. It looks like the browser is giving you a slap on the wrist since you’re not doing the preflight requests, or not doing them properly.

That’s all I can say, though. I’ve never actually had to get it to work from a browser environment.


Oh, I haven’t missed a single day, since I’ve started \o/