Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


Thanks! =D
Jupp, 33 =P
Sounds so… adult O_o
Which I am definitely not! XD


Lesson heatmap! Does it tell us something? Probably :woman_shrugging:

  1. You quit
  2. You didn’t give up
  3. You’re very regular in your studies
  4. You’re crazy




I can see you tried it out and vanished, then returned… 6 years later?
At first you did all lessons as they became available, but second half you divided them up =)
Can tell a lot from these! =D


Was hoping it’d show lesson data from before my reset too.


That data is sadly lost to the void. I wonder, does it show reviews from before the reset?


When the enlightened items came back. Major review spikes.
And I understood that doing all lessons at once was a mistake.


Yes! It does =)
I have reviews from before my last reset =)

I got all the reviews from my last attempt, and almost all from my second (first reset was just before they started store the info)
My first attempt is lost to the void, both on lessons and reviews D=


It does.


An option to show your interval, so we can know what your colors represent, has now been made optional! <3
Thanks again @Kumirei :heart:

Edit: Fiddled with the review interval, found one that gave a better distribution of the various colors, while at a nice steady interval =)
Also noticed, 4444 lessons done!!! <3



Took me a while to figure out how you had reviews before you did lessons


Magic :sunglasses:
I’m a master at failing… this is my third attempt ^^;


I love this userscript so much
Feb19 is going well so far! It’s me making up for being away in Dec/Jan.



Here is mine again, now with custom colors and lessons:




Strange… I am two (nearly three, as I level in a few hours) higher than you, have no outstanding lessons, yet you have 50 more lessons done than me? How does that work? O_o
You have 4494 lessons, I have 4444.

I calculated all my numbers (apprentice, guru, master, enlightened, burn) and got a total of 4437, so I have some “bonus lessons” already :thinking:
I guess you got more bonus lessons somehow? =P

Edit: Your level map say you are higher level. Ah, just forum not catching up :rofl:
If you log out from the forum and then back in again it will display the right number (if you care for it to be right)


yeah, I already did log out and log in other times, but the bug just comes back, I have surrendered to it for now.


I didn’t know it could get completely stuck like that O_o


I think @Borx‘s level jumped from 3 to 6 yesterday.


So basically that means you never make a mistake right? I mean, how are these stats even possible? Mind to share what you eat for breakfast, I want the same :slight_smile:

Outing myself as a goldfish: