Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


Looks like you can’t directly, but presumably updated_after for a review wouldn’t change after it was created. If they were returned in chronological order, which may not be guaranteed, someone could get the first page updated_after 0000 on the day in question, then remove all the ones starting the following day.

Edit: ugh, but then have to look up all the subject id’s to turn them into items to display, which would mean yet another API call.


Each intensity represents a different range of reviews; you can see what each one is by hovering over the gradient key at the bottom.



Too bad I’m pre-historic… :crying_cat_face:

But at least I know exactly when new items were added :+1:


Since my last reset (back to 1) I take 1 month breaks when the reviews start to pile up, to avoid those 400+ review piles in a day. Highest I have since reset is 331, so I’ll never get the highest color again if I can help it :wink:

I would probably set my highest to 300, I do have that just enough times (but 250 might look even better). Hm, 50/100/150/200/250, that would be the perfect range for me! =D


With a map like that you could pose as a slacker. :slight_smile:


While I can definitely add interval options I think I’ll stick to just the five colors, meaning this is not possible, unless you want anything less than 50 to be the same as zero.


I meant like this: 0 - no color, and the 250 to be 250+, but I see I wasn’t awake enough to calculate it properly :rofl:
That would indeed be 6 colors. That wasn’t my intention. =P

Guess I need a different interval… Hm, 60?
I guess 0 (no color), 1-60, 61-120, 121-180, 181-240, 241+


I’d like to see this feature as well, if it’s not too much trouble to code. At the moment, I don’t have any days where I had over 400 reviews. In fact, other than one 300+, the rest are all below 250.

If it were user customizable, I would probably go for something like:

0 / 1-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 / 201+

Just out of curiosity, why did you go for increasing sizes for each group rather than a constant size like I wrote above?

P.S. But really, I am most excited about this:



It felt natural to me to do it that way; the colors still keep a constant relation to each other (2x the last one) and they still manage to differentiate between light, medium, and heavy workloads. I think it makes good sense for a default. If 200+ were the last interval then I know most people would very long periods of the same color. I will add the option, however.


I personally think this logarithmic increase is much more natural.
The difference between 50-100 reviews feels much greater than the difference between 250-300


You could reset to 1…


January 2018, my most consistent month, was spent in Japan. Lots of motivation and time to kill as procastination of studying… After I came back in February, I was motivated to go on. Then in May / June exams came around and put studying on hold. The day after my last exam I picked it up again - 546 reviews on that day. For a couple of weeks I maintained a 7-day schedule. It was fun, but then in August I started working and time got so terribly short that I went into vacation mode, and haven’t recovered since. Currently I have 630 reviews due and I will probably not do them, since my Japanese studies have grinded to a halt anyway and it is going to stay that way. I just need the time for other things, so … bye?


What? The Durtle Heaven thread has ground to a halt too, so what else could there possibly be to do if not Japanese studies?


New update!!! All them colors! =D
And lessons! =D

I also only changed one number in the setting, the max on reviews from 400 and down to 300.

Lessons are on intervals of 10 =)


Interesting color choices… to say the least


It’s a passage from light blue to red. Lightblue for those light days (almost white), blue, darker blue (but I’m a sucker for teal, so it has a bit of green in it), purple for intense days and then red for those extreme days =P

If not for the bit of teal it would have been a natural gradient from blue to red :wink:


Ehm… Work more on Durtle Heaven? I have a plan, trust me not


Lessons (Intervals: 5/10/15/20)

In July 2017 I started using Lesson Filter, so the lessons counts became very regular.

Lesson Heat Map

Reviews (Intervals: 40/60/90/135)


Wow, that is very regular on both! =D


Oh hey is today your birthday? :eyes:
Congraaaaaats!!! :balloon::confetti_ball::sparkler::tada: :tada: :birthday: :tada: :tada: :sparkler::confetti_ball::balloon: