Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


I never took a day off for over 300 days though, so to say my best streak is only ~100 feels kind of ridiculous.

Come to think of it, for the first ~25 levels, I immediately unlocked all reviews ASAP. This led to Fridays having 250-300 reviews, while Tuesdays only had ~50. I guess that’s what’s “breaking” my streak in that header.

The threshold should be more like… 5-20, if anything at all IMO.


It’s just part of HTML…

<input type=“color”>

edit: And I mis-stated earlier… I don’t call the color picker. It’s just opens automatically when the user clicks on the <input type=“color”>.


Here’s mine! I started in Sept 2017, took a break when I hit level three and started waffling on whether or not to buy a subscription. Ended up caving and getting lifetime, so I started back up in January. Was semi-active for a few months and then I guess I gave up in April…life was overwhelming and I was dealing with anxiety stuff so I can only assume that’s why I gave up. I think I got to level 7 or 8.

I decided to give it a go again in November 2018. Took a while to pick up but I have been fairly consistent since January. Still working through old content I already did so it’s really easy so far. Hoping I can maintain my progress once I hit new content.


The color picker is a pain anyway. It’d be much easier to type in a hex code.

@merlumina What are those colors? I’d like to use them too…


I wanted the light blue myself, test it with my teal dark :wink:
Used color picker in Photo Shop =P


I tried to base them off the Master and Enlightened colors, then increased the contrast between the two until I was able to get 5 visually distinct colors using the smooth gradient setting :slight_smile:


Since the input doesn’t show hex codes, can you open the color picker in your settings and take screenshots for me? :blush:


Great idea! And did make a wonderful color =^_^=

I plaid around with a new set, inspired by the colors but went pure blue on both ends, and tried to maximize contrast. I’d love to have the option to decide all five colors though :wink: (might be too much to ask =P )
The middle colors has a tendency to be fairly similar (in this set 2 and 3 especially)


Looks like @Toyger already grabbed them; I think you should be able to use the RGB values from their screenshots to enter them in the color picker (that’s how I did it as I originally took a screenshot and grabbed them from photoshop)!


I was able to change input method from a slider to RGB, and input the colors exactly =)


Oh, I totally didn’t understand what @Toyger meant when they said they used a color picker. :laughing:


I actually meant the “Eyedropper tool”. I call that the color picker, as you use it to pick up colors =P


I got it now, thanks! Now I just need @Kumirei to let me customize the ranges and it’ll be perfect!


I second that :wink:
We can make rainbow! (or at least force a higher contrast between the middle colors)
:rainbow: :hearts::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

Or these:

Could substitute the black burn with the golden that some use too :wink:


Picked the polar opposite colors to see what contrast I could achieve with both colors at full saturation (no light dark gradient)
Can’t deny the contrast is there :sunglasses: (but went back to the blue, much pretier and contrast enough =P )


If we’re not into serious feature creep yet, I have an idea for something fun. When you hover over a square, it shows how many reviews that day in a tooltip. But nothing happens if you click. So I have to ask myself, what’s the least surprising thing that could do?

And the answer is, show you what reviews you did that day and which ones you passed and failed. Basically the screen you get when you finish a review session, but for the whole day put together.

(if clicking is even supportable with the third-party heatmap object)


Even if the heatmap is clickable (which I kind of doubt), that’s a ton more data to store in local storage (to the point of being impractical) compared to just totals. So I don’t think it’s feasible.


Yeah, I thought so if it had to come from local storage, but an uncached API call filtered down to just that day (which I’m not sure is doable, I’m just now figuring it out) wouldn’t be that expensive. Unless you went click-crazy, I guess.


@Kumirei, Correct me if I’m wrong, but the intensity of any given day’s square is user-dependent. What’s dark green for me could be light green for someone else.

Also, thanks. Super cool tool.


I don’t think that’s the case right now. I’m pretty sure the numbers are 50/100/200/400 for everyone.

I want to change mine to something like 20/40/80/160 or maybe 25/50/100/150.