Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


That’s damn impressive


What does the per day studied tell me? @Kumirei
They are almost the same for me :confused:


If you took some breaks, it will take those empty days into account. If you are looking for the average amount of reviews per day on the days that you studied, you look at the per day studied.


Ah I see, I just read it wrong, thanks.^^
I read 166 per day studied, not 166 per day studied


Oh. Where did those stats spring from?

Days studied: 72% (288 of 400)

Average daily reviews: 114 (159 per day studied)

Longest streak: 43 (current 16)

I kinda feel like the current streak should still have yesterday’s count before you’ve done any reviews on a given day - you haven’t missed a day yet; you simply haven’t done any reviews.

Also, I dunno that I’m completely sold on sorting years in reverse order…


You can switch the years in settings =)
I found I preferred the old way too =^_^=


Where might I find the settings?



Oh, sneaky. I was looking in the Tampermonkey menu…

Edit: Think I’ve found a bug - when setting custom colours, if the current colour selected is white, the colour picker square doesn’t work.


You are right. I just wasn’t thinking when I did the logic for this, it’s a bug. Sad news: you won’t get your streak back. Good news: you will when I update the script on Thursday and you have to re-fetch the review data again because I changed the structure of the data storage. I’m adding the lesson heatmap in the next update.

Make sure the right nuance selector is not at the top. I was confused by this too, at first




Then perhaps the bug is that the state of the slider doesn’t modify the appearence of the grid at all? Though I guess you just grabbed this dialogue box in one piece from some library somwhere…


I suppose. Either way it’s part of WKOF and not my script, so it’s @rfindley’s problem :wink:


It could just be the color picker for the browser.

Compare to this: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_input_type_color


Correct, wkof just calls the browser’s color picker, and receives a color in return. Any weird behavior on the color picker itself is a browser issue.


Oh. Didn’t even know Firefox had a colour picker.


Yeah, it is.


@Kumirei, is there a threshold for the streak? By my count, it should say my longest is ~320 days :frowning:

For 5 weeks during June/July, I was getting myself adjusted to a highly unstable day-by-day schedule in Japan while I had 600-700 reviews rolling in per day… Right up until then, I was on track to hit 60 in 364 days on the 4th of July :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m upset at my January 22nd… if only this userscript had existed then, I’d have held myself accountable!! :rofl:



I reckon there should be. I get a day completely free of reviews on average about once per level, simply because that’s how the SRS intervals line up, so the only way I could avoid breaking my streak is to somehow see it coming, and hold a review until after midnight. Or something.

And one should never, ever, hold reviews until after midnight.


My streak was broken cause I simply had no reviews too :wink: