Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


Oh my! So consistent!



One day missed it seems, and that’s because I had no power:p
It seems the most reviews I’ve done in one day is 541 o:

I have no interesting story lol. I started the same day I signed up and did reviews \o/


…I like to speed run by intervals, alright. D:<

I’m just getting ready for now to speed run all the way to level 60 by finishing my lessons first.

ahem, ahem. Hello fellow level 42. @Kumirei :eyes:

July I was training for a competition and then December-January was tough because I was away on the mountains then when I came back, we didn’t have internet for a week. :sob:


looks at yours

No, don’t!! Don’t look at mine!! \ :sob: /


Raises fist against the mountains :fist:mad%20-%20Copy

Raises fist against the tree :fist:mad%20-%20Copy

Raises fist against the compet- OMG THAT CAKE LOOKED SOOO GOOD! HELL WITH WANIKANI! :drooling_face:


They look like pure pain D::::


That’s a nice “Fancy Chart”. What did you use to make this?


FYI It can’t backtrack old data, it starts the day you add it. :slight_smile:


This is kinda cool to see because I had just come back to WK around July-Aug 2017 after a 7+ month hiatus with no vacation mode, which is conveniently around when the heat map starts!


  • Aug 2017 - in the process of clearing my queues and trying to bring that crazy apprentice count down. Also had the most amount of reviews in one day on that dark day in August (459)(lol that sounds so dramatic)

  • Jan + Feb 2018 - the fast levels

  • March 2018 onward - reached level 60, took a mild breather, finished 60’s lessons, and the reviews began to thin! (currently have 4 items left to burn :fire:)

Awesome script @Kumirei :durtle_love:


wth sugoi sugiru O::::


What?! WOW! You need to do a HUGE all burn celebration when you get them!!! <3


no u! O:::::::

Oh I will :durtle_the_explorer:

(oh snap is that a person burning xD)


Wait, it was you?! You burned @koichi ?!!! D=



My story is that I’ve been using WK for three years and spent most of that time getting to level 25 :stuck_out_tongue:

Every day before I go to bed, I make sure to do one full session of reviews – I sit down, open up reviews, and don’t stop until I hit zero. Sometimes that session is really short, but in that case the rest of the day’s reviews will compound into the next day, so it’s a great self-balancing system. According to the habit tracker I use on my phone, I’m on a 218 day streak of clearing my reviews this way – I think the heatmap probably noticed a lapse due to my time zone temporarily changing while I was on vacation last year.

(cool script!)


mfw people crop out the stats


It might be cause the narrower you cut it, the bigger it will show when added (since the forum resize it =P )
In the original one I did that too. :wink:
But I liked the stats, so I updated with new colors and included stats on mine! =D


I really like your colors. Good choice


I actually meant to include them lol – without the stats it doesn’t make much sense for me to be griping about streaks