Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


I don’t think there were any days I would have done that many, so I’m not sure, but I may be misremembering.


Found WaniKani at the end of June 2018, probably in my panic for the July JLPT, tried the first three free levels but wasn’t very consistent because it was slow and I kept forgetting to come back and do reviews. I was also put off by the price.

Remembered WankiKani existed in December 2018 (probably also because I was in a funk after the December JLPT). Decided to reset and do the free levels again since it was right around the time of the radicals change. Just a little over a month on here and I’m amazed by how much more I can read! I read a whole random flyer on the train yesterday!


That seemed to do the trick. I changed line 26, definition of timezone_offset, to multiply it by -1. That broke everything until I hand-deleted the local storage and made it reload from scratch.

To be honest, I don’t know if it’s accurate still, but it doesn’t have reviews counted as done in the future. :smile:

Maybe I’ll do some reviews just before midnight, then just after to test it.


Confirmed it myself by doing a few reviews and manually setting the offset. I have updated the script and it will automatically fetch the reviews again to get the right dates.

0.1.2: Patched time travel


Update the script and have a look again. Should be accurate now.


Hm, close enough I guess. :slight_smile: I just did some reviews right after midnight and they’re not showing on the 3rd. Not a big deal though, it’s not like I need exact hour granularity in a heatmap.

[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap

Thank you! Great work on the script btw :slight_smile:


@Airdramon Turns out it wasn’t fixed. But now it is! crosses fingers


Fun topic for a great script!

Not that my story is very interesting. :thinking:

Joined WK at the end of March, but took it very leisurely through the free levels, and had to wait for a bit to buy my year’s sub.

Mid-May: sub has started, time to get serious and not let one day of it go to waste! :muscle:

The break in August: the days around my wedding. :purple_heart:

The break in September and October was around my honeymoon, where I had a bit of trouble getting started again afterwards.

Now to see if I can keep painting it green all the way to 60!


Nice heatmap, @Omun. :slight_smile:


Don’t know what happened on that day in november… don’t recall missing a day but I guess my life is a lie


It’s a shame there’s no data before august:DD I was here from april till september, but now I can see the exact day I stopped :thinking: I still have no idea why and how it happened


I started in February 2017, and had my first reset just before the log started. I would have liked to see the turnout of that “round” too :rofl:

But I am glad there IS a log! This wouldn’t be as fun (in the here and now) if it started from the day we installed only :wink:


It’s always possible that your reviews simply lined up in such a way that you didn’t have any to do that day.


Bloody October 4th! I was too jet-lagged!
October was my lesson-free month anyway… Two week of holiday, then a lot of work to catch up.

Thank you for the script @Kumirei !


I’m getting curious as to just what @Kumirei bribed @Toyger with to get this thread started. :stuck_out_tongue:


All I needed was permission! And to see if she didn’t want to make it herself first :wink:


While it does boost my ego it’s not like I’m getting paid for my scripts


How the 368 looks like (minus the 2 months missing because no data).

May - 11th June 2018 were the fast levels.


Burning incense right now as payment. Also small slice of vanilla cake as offering.