Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


Gotta get full value out of yearly subscription :laughing:


When did you get level 60?


I get mine at half-price, so I guess I can go half-speed or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


On christmas eve 9 am.^^


You abusing the reorder script? :eyes:


O-Of course not!


It really puts into perspective how much you can learn in a relatively small amount of time.


I was diligent in my reviews from the time I joined to approximately March of 2017, with 7-9 day level up times, just before my trip to Japan. After that, I didn’t have a reason to be very consistent, as I’m now just studying Japanese for fun. I skip reviews if my brain doesn’t feel up to it, which seems to be pretty often considering how many headaches I get. I also won’t be likely to do reviews on vacations, or if I have a busy work day.



lol at you chart title! It’s the perfect title: 100% accurate, and not at all helpful. I’m going to slip that into a work report somewhere and see if anyone notices.


Hey! I can get a lot of information off of that chart! I see where I stopped leveling for 3-4 months at a time, when I had vacation mode turned on, when I reset my level back, and when I’m levelling quickly! o:<<


No, the chart is perfect, it’s the title of the chart that makes me laugh. Like I said, it’s the perfect, “What, you said it had to have a title, and there’s a title. Is it wrong or something?”


Great to see this neat overview of months and months of effort. 気持ちいい。 Thank you for the sweet script @Kumirei !

Last May I was on holiday in … Japan (you guessed it). I spent most of June looking into grammar points for the JLPT. But the other vacant spaces are because of work overload. The good thing is though, I keep bouncing back :blush:

If anyone’s wondering, the green hues are pretty light and even because my study pattern is, too. I usually pace myself at 6 lessons a day, so I don’t get that many reviews. I do a couple more in the weekend, but that’s it.


Pretty consistent, except in September. I went on holiday and put it on vacation mode. (I also had a weak moment where I gave in and did some reviews during that period.)


Pretty consistent, I’ve never really taken breaks. I did less in December/January because I was on holidays and was only able to do a few reviews a day, but it doesn’t really show.
Does this show the amount of reviews that we did? Or the amount of reviews that came up? I’m pretty sure I did 0 reviews on Jan 2nd as I was super sick, but according to this it says 249 reviews, which I definitely did not. I would expect Dec/Jan to be lighter as well because I was…stuck on one level for the second half of December until the middle of January (aforementioned holiday and lack of time to do WK reviews).

Here’s my wkstats for comparison btw! And, hey, last level was apparently my fasted level!


I love your “96 day level” then full speed 7 day level, then nah, 128 days again :rofl:
So close to the end now though! =D




It’s the number of reviews that you did. There seems to be a bug with some reviews ending up on the day after, though


I love data visualization tools like this script. Thank you so much @Kumirei!

Here is my heat map. Do I win the prize for WORST map? :rofl:

And here’s my story: I planned to spend 6 weeks in early 2018 in Japan, so I started learning Japanese from scratch in October 2017. I made it to level 8 in 50 days on Wanikani, then I gave up because real life got in the way.

After my 6 weeks in Japan (Jan-Feb 2018), I was super motivated to learn Japanese again, so I reset to Level 1 and at the end of February. This time, I made it to Level 12 in 100 days, then I gave up because a dissertation got in the way.

In November of 2018, I decided to give it another try. I reset and now, after 78 days I am on Level 9. I am being a lot more consistent and not trying to race this time, as can be seen with this graph of my three tries:


Is that coming from the API or when it’s converted to the heat map?


Tbh I probably just flipped the timezone offset, adding when I should be subtracting, and vice versa.